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                                                         THE CURVES  Function Band

 If you are looking for a band to play totally live music at your event, perhaps we can help.We are a four piece band consisting of ,two guitarist / vocalists, a drummer and a bass guitarist. We’re very passionate about keeping rock /pop music live in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and beyond. The band love entertaining audiences with their mix of music ranging from the sixties to the present. They delight in seeing people dancing and enjoying themselves at parties weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, pubs and outside events. Click the Playlist button to see and hear some of the songs they play.

       The Curves band has been playing across the region for over fourteen years at venues in Chelmsford, Ipswich, Hertford, Norwich and beyond, with popular songs that everyone knows and remembers, live music suitable for most age groups.

        Navigate your way through the pages, and check out the photo galleries to see the type of venue The Curves play at, and the outside events with Dream 100 radio station playing live music in Essex.  If you want more information about the band, or you ‘re considering booking them, visit the contact page, leave your details, and we will contact you.

                                   The Curves, keeping music live in, Essex ,Suffolk and Norfolk.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016